Spotlight: Video – MFTA's Creative Reuse in the Classroom

One of our favorite organizations in the fight for increasing creative reuse is Materials for the Arts in New York. They've captured the spirit of what sustainability can really do. Watch the video below to find out more! Via Materials for the Arts on YouTube. #recycle #chicago #sustainability #landfill #surplus #green #dnainfo #materials #MTFA #newyork #creative #reuse #spotlight #nonprofit

Chicago's Recycling "Only Diverting 10 Percent"

At the end of 2016, DNA Info reported on the decrease in the effectiveness of Chicago's recycling program. That's right -- decrease. As other cities around the world are going green, Chicago is recycling only 10 percent of its waste. While the city evaluates what it can do better, through partnerships with sustainability networks, we at CCRx are committed to being part of the solution by diverting surplus materials from landfills. Read more: "Chicago's Bad Recycling Gets Worse: Only 10 Percent Diverted from Landfill" from DNA Info. Chicago's diversion rate is a fraction of other cities', how can Streets & San increase involvement? | DNAinfo/Benjamin Woodard #Stress #HealthyLiving #recycle #c

CPS teachers "dig into their own pockets" for basic supplies

As the Chicago Sun Times reported late last month, Chicago Public School teachers are spending large amounts of personal funds on even the most basic supplies for their classrooms. Not only are teachers forced to "dig into their own pockets," many also use crowd-sourcing to purchase items as simple as books. Teachers in Chicago, and across the country, are looking to sites like Donors Choose to help supply their students with the tools to succeed. It is evidence like this that makes the work of CCRx so important. Not only are we aiming to divert from landfills, we're hoping to take some of the burden off teachers by providing materials for creative reuse. Read more: "CPS teachers on their ow

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