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New Year's Resolution: Support Chicago Teachers, Students AND the Environment at CCRx's nex

While we're making resolutions for the new year, how about supporting Chicago teachers, students AND the environment? CCRx's next Swap Circle for Teachers is a great way to do all three -- starting this month! Here's how you can help...

The Swap Circle for Teachers is a pop-up opportunity for businesses and individuals across Chicago to support Chicago teachers and their students by donating surplus supplies and equipment for use in their classrooms. At our Swap this past August, over 500 teachers received 10 TONS of surplus from 140 donors! Highlights included costumes from the Joffrey Ballet, a drum kit, sewing machines and hundreds of binders. Read about our Fall Swap here.

This January Swap will feature 13 skids of brand new Scholastic books (PreK-Young Adult), 6 skids of decorative Little B Washi tape, several projectors and giant tv's, a lot of upholstery and other fabric, giant bags of strange adhesive spongy things and... who knows what else? That's up to you. It is a wonderful event and a great way to support Chicago teachers, students AND the environment.

What to donate? Teachers can use almost anything as long as it is clean, safe and working. Paper, pens, markers and other office supplies and equipment, art supplies, tools + hardware, shelving + storage containers, raw materials, fabric, office / classroom furniture, electronics that are less than 2 years old. See our "Most Wanted Items" below.

We are also looking for Volunteers to help organize donations and help teachers "shop." Volunteering is really fun -- the Swap is a treasure hunt, and volunteers get dibs on certain items! Volunteers are needed Jan 19 - 29, and various shifts are listed on our sign up form here. It is great for groups too.

Lastly, we need help spreading the word to Chicago teachers! Any teacher who lives or works in Chicago can come to the Swap. They need their ID and we suggest a $10 donation.

CCRx Swap Circle for Teachers

Donation Days: Jan 19 - 23

Teacher Days: Jan 25-26

Location: Envision Unlimited Frick Center, 2125 W. 82nd Place, Chicago IL 60620

Please let me know if you have any questions or ideas for us. 312-909-5902 / And please plan to attend as well!

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