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Materials + Motion

​​This week I was to start a 6 week Arts Integration session with two CPS Kindergarten classes, being in the classroom to support their unit on Materials and Motion. Alas, you all know why, I won’t be heading into the classroom - and I’m really going miss it!!!

So, I thought I would share a series of posts demonstrating a little of what we have done in previous years - and include some fun “how-to” methods for at home learning.

The teachers cover most of the Materials part of the unit, leading students in investigations of wood and paper. I had the joy of exploring the Motion part of the unit - emphasizing concepts of push, pull, gravity and energy.

I begin by talking about repetition in art and show many examples using circles and mark making. I share my doodle sketchbook which is full of repeating lines and shapes - try this at home by making daily doodles - any paper/pen/pencil will do - just repeat the marks to fill the page. Later you can turn it into a bound book - that will be another blog post!

In our second session I talk to students about using our body as a drawing machine and I share this video of artist Tony Orrico doing an endurance performance using his body to draw:

In the classroom we re-create that performance making our own group drawings using crayons, body motions and large foam-core.

This can easily be done at home with large paper or cardboard - you can rotate or stay in one place - and it really is an all ages activity!! It's easiest to hold the crayon in a fist hold and try to keep your arms straight as you move them in an arcing motion around your body.

In the next posts I’ll share ideas for pendulum painting, pushing and pulling printmaking and life-size body drawings that depict gravity.

Stay tuned, stay safe and be creative!

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