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April's Corona Catch-Up

We are so appreciative of everyone's volunteering and patronage of CCRx since we opened last October. We miss you! And we want to check in with you to see that you are doing alright during these strange and fraught times.

As you know, CCRx is hunkering down and for the most part our team has been staying home. Below are some updates from us and ideas for you if you have time and interest. Please take a look and let us know what you are doing -- we'd love to share your activities, thoughts and ideas on our blog, on Facebook and in the enewsletter. And -- most importantly -- please let us know if you need anything. Most of us are at home with family, but if you aren't and need something -- food, a phone call, a face mask, a face mask kit... whatever!, let us know. We are so grateful for what you have given us, we'd like to return the favor if we can.

CCRx Team Update:

Kathryn Fimreite, our Grants Guru, is also a practicing artist and arts educator. She just did a video about how to make Imagination Journals and you will want to make a journal right away after her lovely examples. Her video premiered at the Hyde Park Art Center's Virtual Family Day last week.

Jackie Moore, CCRx Wednesday Warehouse Manager and founder of the Chicago Knights Robotics Team and Southside Mini Maker Faire, has been leading a group of 3D printers in making face shields for South-side hospitals and emergency workers. She is looking for folks to join in creating Personal Protection Equipment while remaining safely sheltered in place. If you own or have unrestricted access to a laser cutter or 3D printer, you can print medically approved face masks and shields (or you can loan the 3D printer to us and we'll print them). If you own a sewing machine (or can sew by hand), you can make fabric face masks. She'll support your efforts with filament and other materials. Learn more here and contact her here.

Macus Alonso, our Weaving Wonder, and her daughter Carmella, assembled 50 art boxes for the community homes of Envision Unlimited. Their members are all staying home these days and now they can decorate eggs and baskets for a contest and do some other fun craft activities as well.

Wyatt Carson, our Special Finds Caretaker, has been busy been delivering Meals on Wheels when he is not helping folks get their daily fix of coffee.

I've been making cloth face masks based on this blog and video from Dr. Lauren Streicher. Her pattern and method is pretty easy once you get the hang of it. I unearthed my mother-in-law's Fridor sewing machine from the 1950s and have been finally re-learning to sew. She has links on how to distribute your finished masks, although you could always just share them with your neighbors since we all need to wear them now.

If you have any projects you''d like to share, let me know. We'd love to feature your activities on our blog, enews and social media. Or post it yourself to our Facebook page. And if you are looking for something to do on your computer, drop me a line. We've got some web-based projects cued up, like helping us update our website, mailing list and inventory. Hours of entertainment, guaranteed ; )

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