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2023: A Snapshot + An Invitation

What a year it has been -- and its not over yet!

Take a look at this snapshot of what we've accomplished so far this year, then please support CCRx with a tax-deductible donation to help us grow our organization and its impact in the city. You will join our leadership cohort of financial supporters, whether your contribution is for $50, $500 or $5,000. Learn how here.

At CCRx our goal is to build a city-wide creative reuse economy that provides materials, generates ideas and fosters creativity and community for educators, artists, arts and nonprofit organizations in Chicago.

So far this year, we've...

  • Redistributed surplus Between January - November 6, 2023, we took 79,700 lbs of surplus from 198 Donors -- almost 40 tons! And we’re only open 3 days a week!

  • Teachers need all sorts of things, so we take in everything from feathers to books. So far this year, 682 Shoppers purchased 941 Boxes of surplus and 1154 Special Finds…

  • We were helped by 218 volunteers, including groups like Honeycomb Project, Volunteering Untapped, Envision Unlimited, St. Barnabas School and several others.

  • The Creativity Bus, our collaboration with T.H.U.G.Hippie, visited 11 sites this summer and the Imagination Station brought creative reuse activities to 52 events at parks, schools, block clubs, scouts and seniors on the SW side during the summer months.

  • Creative Reuse Workshops and Drop-in Maker Days featured artists Bonnie Tawse, Sylvia Moreno, Cynthium Johnson-Woodfolk, Jackie Riffice and more.

  • Our 3rd annual Teachers’ Back2School Giveaway provided 134 teachers with all types of materials to aid in classroom teaching.

  • CCRx Recyclo-Products + Kits are for sale at the Buddy Shop in the Chicago Cultural Center, on our website and at pop-up markets.

  • We provide materials and activities to our neighbors at Envision Unlimited Frick Center, whose members make fabulous carpets, pillows and help with various tasks.

  • We paraded a giant Caterpillar and a kaleidoscope of butterflies down State Street for the Arts in the Dark Parade, with partners Opera-Matic and Envision Unlimited. And we created a Recyclo-Sculpture for the ribbon cutting of LRS’ new recycling facility.

  • None of this would be possible without our great team -- Kathryn Trumbull Fimreite, Jennifer Cullerton Johnson, Rebecca Memoli, Mark Molenda, Fiona Murphy, Calvin Ringenbach, Jacob Vollum, Cynthium Johnson-Woodfolk, Devin Cain, Schaye Ellington, and Nakia Brown.

  • And our fantastic Board: President Julia Talbot, Secretary Liz Libby, Treasurer Sarai Hoffman, Alison Gerlach, Amber Ginsburg, Christine Jacob, Lauren Pacheco, Ilene Siemer, Helen Tsatsos, Katie + Tim Tuten and Cynthium Johnson Woodfolk.

  • Follow Us! - Sign up for Enews, #creativechirx on Facebook and Instagram and check out our Ebay Charity Sales page.

Make it easy to make a difference -- keep surplus out of the landfill and inspire young people to reimagine their surroundings as sources of possibility. And remember -- trash is just a failure of imagination!

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