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CreativeChiRx Celebrates Board Member Julia Talbot, AIR Champion for Change

CreativeChiRx Celebrates Board Member Julia Talbot’s Latest Achievement: AIR Champion for Change 

We're thrilled to announce Julia's recent achievement as an AIR Champion for Change!

AIR stands for American Institute for Research . Julia has been an integral part of CCRx as a board member and volunteer since its inception in 2017. Her efforts of guiding CCRx to the next level are truly commendable. As we gear up to celebrate Earth Day on April 22, we couldn't think of a better time to highlight Julia's impactful work.

She’s been interviewed by AIR and shares her answers with us. Here’s what Julia thinks:

What inspires you to support a sustainability-focused organization? 

Climate change and the pressing issue of diminishing landfill capacity in Illinois highlight the necessity for sustainable initiatives, emphasizing the urgency for a comprehensive plan that prioritizes material reuse and reduction of waste. This is what has inspired me. Additionally, I support sustainability-focused organizations because of my personal connection and trust in the executive director's vision, coupled with my interest and background in non-profit startups and entrepreneurship.


What tips do you have for someone who is interested in making a difference on environmental issues in their community?

Stewardship comes in many forms. Consider various activities like participating in clean-up events, practicing the 3Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle), maintain a garden, donate time/resources to environmental organizations.


If you want to go deeper, I recommend a four-pronged approach:

Educate yourself: Stay informed about local environmental issues and initiatives in your community or town.

Model behavior: Lead by example by practicing environmentally friendly habits in your daily life.

Participate Actively: Get involved in meaningful and achievable ways, such as participating in clean-up events or volunteering for environmental organizations.

Contribute Financially: If possible, support environmental causes financially to amplify your impact.


When you think about the future of our earth and how we care for it, what gives you hope?

What gives me hope for the future of our Earth is the increasing awareness and acknowledgment of climate change's widespread impact, compelling us to take action. As more individuals are affected by its consequences, I believe there's a growing urgency to address these issues, ensuring a better world for future generations. 

If you're as inspired by Julia's story as we are, stay tuned! We’ll be posting more from our CCRx community members who make their mark for a better Chicago and a better world!


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