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Hey Chicago! asks 3 Q's about Creative Reuse

We were excited to be interviewed by Sidney Madden from Citycast Chicago who asked us 3 questions about creative reuse in Chicago. Check out the article and interview here. And sign up for their free newsletter, Hey Chicago, which is packed with local news, curated event recs, local life hacks, and more. It's your daily toolkit for getting the most out of the city you love.

City Cast’s mission is to make podcasts and newsletters that connect people with the cities they love.

We love their Core Values:

Localism: Cities rule, and every city is unique. We strive to represent cities authentically and in all their complexity. City Cast celebrates the triumphs of our cities, and confronts their failures—always with the goal of making them better for everyone.

Community: We want our shows and newsletters to make people more engaged residents of their cities. We strive to create a sense of community and belonging, to make people feel a part of their city, and a part of City Cast.

Accountability: We hold our cities and ourselves accountable. We challenge all points of view, including our own, and ask hard questions of our guests in pursuit of new insights. We’ll hold each other accountable by acknowledging when we don’t meet our goals or live up to our values—and celebrating when we do.

Diversity: We cherish the diversity of the cities we cover. Our guests, stories and newsletter topics should embody that diversity, so should our staff. We strive to be humane and curious in covering all aspects of diversity.

Respect: We’re direct, respectful, and kind. Whether it’s in an internal staff meeting or in a conversation with a guest, we communicate directly, but with respect and kindness.

Sustainability: We’re determined to create a successful business and a successful workplace. Without commercial success, City Cast won’t survive to serve communities. Without a sustainable workload, we won’t have jobs worth loving. We’ll experiment with new formats and processes to ensure both that City Cast is successful in the long run, and that our jobs are meaningful and sustainable.

Along with Chicago, City Cast is currently in Boise, Denver, DC, Houston, Las Vegas, Madison, Philly, Pittsburgh, Portland, and Salt Lake-- with more cities coming soon.

Thanks, Citycast!

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