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Laptops + Desktops + Recycling, Oh my!

Looking for affordable laptops or desktops? CCRx is partnering with Newtech EScrap Recycling to recycle obsolete tech and resell affordable laptops and desktop computers. Newtech's program, a Computer for Every Child and Family, is aimed at providing affordable used computers that have a 90 day guarantee.

Laptops and Desktop computers (with monitor, keyboard and mouse) are cleaned and reset. Prices run from $100 - $300, depending on the model.

Newtech safely and efficiently recycles all sorts of electronics. They certify destruction of data, and provide recycling services for events for several wards, office complexes, and high rises. If you have electronics to recycle, you can bring them to us and Newtech will come get them.

Newtech is one of CCRx's sources for other types of office furniture, such as rolling office chairs, filing cabinets, rolling white boards/peg boards, magnets, and many items. If you are looking for specific furniture, let us know and we'll see if we can get you what you need!

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