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Make Masks Fun Again!!! w Nobel Dual Language School

CCRx hosted parents and staff from Nobel Dual Language School on a field trip of our warehouse and a super fun, hands-on workshop in which we creatively reused all sorts of materials to reimagine the idea of wearing masks.

Decorated masks are a great way to celebrate your identity or even project an imagined persona. First participants were introduced to a few inspirational examples of contemporary artists working with masks (Nick Cave, Damselfrau for example) and then a review of materials and techniques led by CCRx Teaching Artist Kathryn Trumbull Fimreite. Participants were then free to adorn their masks using cardboard boxes, die-cut animal shapes, ribbons, fabric, beads, flowers, and much more. At the end of the Field Trip, participants were welcome to shop the warehouse to gather surplus and materials for their own creative endeavors.

Now that they were skilled in this creative reuse activity, the parents and staff acquired 100 "Make Masks Fun Again" Kits (that had been prepared and assembled by CCRx Team Members and Volunteers) to bring back as a planned activity at the upcoming School Carnival.

CCRx was thrilled to partner with Crisol Gracia (Arts Liaison and Visual Arts Teacher @ Alfred Nobel Dual Language School) to make this event happen. We welcome other groups for Field Trips and Workshops at our Warehouse - contact us to make arrangements!

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