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Lockers, 100 linear feet

Lockers, 100 linear feet

Metal double lockers with 2 square storage compartments above each pair.   Lockers grouped into bays of 4 for a total of 8 single lockers per bay.   Span 100 linear feet across both walls in hallway.   

Locker Bay Dimensions:  5ft wide x 18in deep x 6ft tall (lockers with the sloped top reach 6' 10" on the wall side.   Individual Locker Interior Dimensions:  7.5" wide x 18" deep c 4'6" tall   Overhead storage interior dimensions:  15" wide, 18" deep x 9" tall.  
72" h x 24' long x 18" wide.   Manufactured by Lyon   Contact   Enrique Figueroa if you are interested  
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