Make Masks Fun Again!

Make Masks Fun Again!


We’re all tired of wearing face masks to prevent the spread of COVID.

But we like wearing them for Halloween, Carnivale, Plays and Performances.

How can we make masks fun again?   

CCRx's new DIY Kit uses CREATIVE REUSE to Make Masks Fun Again!


Check out the work of artists like Damselfrau, Nick Cave and even the artists of Envision Unlimited and then use this kit  to make your own mask!



Cardboard Box

Double-stick Plastic Adhesive 

A bag of bling!  (shiny beads and crystals)

Raffia   •   Sponges   •   Netting  •   Yarn   •   Fabric

Paper Straws   •   Plastic Bottle Caps •   Washi Tape   •   More treasures...


You’ll also need:  Something to cut with - scissors, knife or ?   Tape + Glue are options. 



The Box is your Starting Point.

Take everything out of the box, sort and explore the materials.

 What do you like?  What goes with what?
When your box is empty, unfold it to get a big piece of cardboard!

Trim it, cut holes for eyes (or not!), decide how big it should be.

Use cut pieces of the double-stick adhesive to attach things.

Add more or less, use other things of your own. 

How will you wear it?  Tie it or some other way?  



•   Add Paint, Glitter, your own treasures  •   Share your Mask with a friend!

  • Material Info

    Let us know if this is for adults or small children.  We will vary the materials accordingingly.   

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