Promethean  ActivPEN 50

Promethean ActivPEN 50


Promethean Teacher ActivPEN 50

 Promethean designed a unique battery-free, wire-free ActivPen.

ActivPens mouse-like functionality and pen-like personality offer come-to-the-board capability that todays tech-minded kids know and use well.

What is the Promethean ActivPen? It writes just like a pen ... and acts just like a mouse. And its highly, highly accurate and precise. So you can measure and mark on screen to the millimetre or degree. Model ActivPen 50 Works with Prometheans ActivBoard Range (100, 300, and 300 Pro) Connectivity Wireless, battery-free Dimensions 167mm x 20mm x 23mm (6.57 in x .79 in x .91) Weight 25g (0.9oz)

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"Trash is just a failure of imagination"

CPS Vendor #19517

EIN #47-4679301

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