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How does a Swap Circle work?   


Businesses donate surplus supplies, equipment or other materials.   Click here for some examples.   If you want, swap first within your business.  You never know what your colleagues will find useful!    


Then donate what is left to CCRx Swap Circle.  We'll give you a tax-deduction and we'll give your donation to Chicago teachers and non-profits. 


Since "Trash is just a failure of Imagination," almost everything will find a use -- either as is or creatively!


Why participate?

Chicago teachers report spending $500 to $2000+ out-of-pocket every year for basic office supplies – Xerox paper, pens and pencils, glue, even cleaning and personal hygiene supplies.  Teachers dream of getting musical instruments, calculators, sewing machines, fabric, wood-working tools, storage containers and shelving, games and graphic novels…

85% of Chicago Public School students live below the poverty level. Your surplus can help and inspire them. 

Swap Circle Success!!


CCRx's 4th Swap Circle for Teachers was a great success -- demonstrating yet again the abundance we have and how we can fulfill the needs of our teachers and their students.    


300 Chicago teachers braved snow and cold on January 25-26 to find a fantastic array of supplies, equipment and materials for their classrooms... 

About 100 individuals and companies made donations for this Swap.  Highlights included:


And the list goes on... printers, sewing machines, binding machines, computers, photo enlargers and more.  


We were thrilled to get some great media coverage from Erin Ivory of WGN-TV and Jamie Nesbitt Golden of Block Club Chicago.


Our hosts and helpers for the swap were the good people at Envision Unlimited's Frick Center in the Auburn-Gresham neighborhood. 


See you at the next Swap Circle this August! 








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