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Make Masks Fun Again!

We’re all tired of wearing face masks to prevent the spread of COVID...

But we like wearing them for Halloween, Carnivale, Plays, and Performances.


What can we do to make Masks Fun again?


The artist Damselfrau makes masks like this:

The artist Nick Cave makes full-body masks, called Sound Suits, like this:


Some students at Denver University made masks like this:

And best of all are the masks of the artists from Envision Unlimited! 

Envision Unlimited is the organization that we partner with and where our warehouse is located. We are based in one of their facilities and as such benefit from a mutual working relationship with both staff and clients. While their clients were at home and unable to come to the Frick Center, and even now that they are back, we provide them with materials to make fun and exciting masks, and they provide us with joy by turning materials other people saw as junk, into beautiful art pieces.

Our Masks

Our staff and volunteers have also been getting into the mask game, making some incredible designs and having a blast developing our new treasures! 

If you are interested in joining our efforts to Make Masks Fun Again, please reach out to us at, or schedule a visit to our warehouse and ask one of our volunteers or staff members. We can't wait to see what your imagination creates!

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