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Shop at the Warehouse

All are invited to "shop the warehouse" though our focus is Chicago teachers, non-profits, arts + community groups.

Our warehouse is at 2124 W. 82nd Place, Chicago.  Enter through the green door via the parking lot.      We are open by appointment only, on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.

How does it work?    Fill a shopping cart with:

  • Basics - Office, arts+crafts, science + teaching supplies. Textiles, toys, holiday, sports, frames, and more.  

  • Special Finds - Furniture, printers, computers, lighting, shelving, collectibles, and other specialized types of equipment are priced as marked - priced to move! 

  • Always Free - Binders, Books and Fabric Scraps and surprises! 


We pack your box(es) at check-out. $20/box for Basics, and 'Special Finds' have special prices.​

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