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DIY Make Masks Fun Again! Individual Kit

DIY Make Masks Fun Again! Individual Kit

We all tired of wearing face masks to prevent the spread of COVID, but we like wearing them for Halloween, Carnivale, Plays and Performances. Let's make masks fun again! Check out the work of artists Damselfrau, Nick Cave and the artists of Envision Unlimited, and then use this kit to make your own mask!
MATERIALS IN THIS KIT: Cardboard Box Double-stick Plastic Adhesive A bag of bling! (shiny beads and crystals) Raffia • Sponges • Netting • Yarn • Fabric Paper Straws • Plastic Bottle Caps • Washi Tape • More treasures... You’ll also need: Sissors, Tape + Glue. Instructions Included with kit.     Share your Mask with a friend!   Also available as a Classroom Kit -- contact us for more info!
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