Masks Help -- Donate them, Make them!

Wearing a face mask will prevent you from spreading coronavirus even if you don't know you have it. Here is a video explaining how this has worked in other countries. If you have masks, donate them.. Health care workers need real Filtration, Respiratory (N95, P95, R95), and surgical masks, so if you have some, please donate them. Find out how at If you don't, make some! For the rest of us who aren't healthcare workers, homemade cloth face masks can help alleviate transmission of germs in general and remind us not to touch our face. When everyone wears masks, those of us who may be infected with the virus but don't show symptoms (asymptomatic) can contain our

Materials + Motion

​​This week I was to start a 6 week Arts Integration session with two CPS Kindergarten classes, being in the classroom to support their unit on Materials and Motion. Alas, you all know why, I won’t be heading into the classroom - and I’m really going miss it!!! So, I thought I would share a series of posts demonstrating a little of what we have done in previous years - and include some fun “how-to” methods for at home learning. The teachers cover most of the Materials part of the unit, leading students in investigations of wood and paper. I had the joy of exploring the Motion part of the unit - emphasizing concepts of push, pull, gravity and energy. I begin by talking about repetition in a

Pop!! Art Show Extended thru April 11

The Pop!! Art Kit Art Show opened with a bang : ) on February 20 at the Chicago Teachers Union Center. The exhibition features work by 18 Chicago students working with the theme: Bold statements using images drawn from everyday reality that expand our definition of life and of art. The exhibit is open to the public in the lobby of the Chicago Teachers Union Center, 1901 W. Carroll, through April 11. Participating artists include: Terell Baker, Jessenia Davila, Ranisha Little, Juan de Dios Rodriguez, and Esperanza Martinez-Zellars Students of Nancy Salas-Herrara from Peace and Education Coalition, Second Chance Campus Ashlee Zepeda, Chris Lagunes, Alex Rueda, and Jenn Guerrero students of

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