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Pop!! Art Show Extended thru April 11

The Pop!! Art Kit Art Show opened with a bang : ) on February 20 at the Chicago Teachers Union Center. The exhibition features work by 18 Chicago students working with the theme: Bold statements using images drawn from everyday reality that expand our definition of life and of art.

The exhibit is open to the public in the lobby of the Chicago Teachers Union Center, 1901 W. Carroll, through April 11.

Participating artists include:

Terell Baker,

Jessenia Davila,

Ranisha Little,

Juan de Dios Rodriguez, and

Esperanza Martinez-Zellars

Students of Nancy Salas-Herrara from Peace and Education Coalition, Second Chance Campus

Ashlee Zepeda,

Chris Lagunes,

Alex Rueda, and

Jenn Guerrero

students of Kelly McGowan from Latino Youth High School

Nadya Flores Garcia,

Kimberly Rosas, and

Zelda Ramirez

students of Mary Kate Witry from George Washington Elementary School

Brianna Thomas,

Tiffany Mei,

Emeline Ramirez,

Azalea Rivera-Reynolds and

Victoria Christine Parker

students of Didi Grimm from Lincoln Park High School

And Dominick Decicco, student of his mom, from Bridgeport Catholic Academy.

The Art Kits used by the students featured the work of famed Pop Artist Roy Lichtenstein, and came with an activity book, paints, stencils, pencils, paper, a frame and a book about the artist. Over 10,000 were donated by See the Vision Grab the Vision / the Out of Sight Foundation. They were distributed by CCRx and the Chicago Teachers Union Foundation.

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