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What the ...?! Setting Up our new warehouse at Envision Unlimited's Frick Center.

You've read our emails seeking volunteers to help us set up our new warehouse space at the Envision Unlimited Frick Center. Now see them in action! We'd been "setting up Frick" for many weeks in preparation for our recent Open House. Setting up a warehouse is a different animal than doing a Swap Circle pop-up event, we learned... To start with, we needed heavy-duty display and storage furniture that can last...

Here are Carmen, Erik and her team from the Chicago Teachers Union Foundation. They built all the library shelves we got from Maine South High School. We also received shelves from Palmer Printing, ACE Restaurant Supply, Deutsch, Levy, Engel Chartered law offices, Oakton Community College, and Envision Unlimited. And help from the Chicago Leather Archives, Volunteering Untapped, Chicago Green Theater Alliance, and several other groups. Thanks to you all for your generosity!

Being "creative," of course we built out the space backwards. We already had our inventory.... but we didn't build the shelves 'til later. Ugh! Fortunately, our volunteers were very patient because we had to move things around a lot to make space. What comes first, the chicken or the egg? In our case, it was The Omlette!!

But now.... Look what we built!

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