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Adopt a Caterpillar! Arts in the Dark Parade

CCRx is excited to be participating for the first time in the Arts in the Dark Parade on Saturday October 21.

We are joining Opera-Matic and Envision Unlimited to present The Caterpillar and its Butterflies, which will be one of the opening numbers!

Picture a 40 foot long caterpillar held aloft by 20+ carriers, inching its way down State Street in the early evening. And it will be followed by a chorus of butterflies, walking, biking and playing bells and drums. And, perhaps way in the rear, a little sprite with a net trying desperately to catch up, to no avail.

Well, that's what we're aiming for.

We discovered the Caterpillar only recently, in a donation from Opera-matic that came in over a year ago. They had lost their storage space and so brought all sorts of wonderful props and contraptions to us -- banners, flags, parasols, horse heads and more. And one box labeled "Inchworm"

When we looked inside we saw a lot of fabric, but we couldn't figure out it was for the longest time.... until a visitor finally googled "Opera-Matic and Inchworm" (duh!) and found this picture from 2012:

Ah-ha! How Exciting!!!

We contacted Opera-Matic and Envision to see if they wanted to revive the Inchworm for the Arts in the Dark Parade and submitted our proposal "Transitions: The Caterpillar and the Butterflies," getting in just under the wire. We held our breath... but how could they resist a 40 foot long Caterpillar trailed by a kaleidoscope of butterflies!? We're in!!

So, the Caterpillar is being updated and lots of butterflies are being prepared in time to parade on State Street on Saturday October 21 from 6 - 8pm. I hope you will join us!

Because this all happened so quickly, though, we didn't fundraise for any of this in advance -- and we're all incurring costs that need to be covered. Each organization is spending at least $1500 and some much more.

If you are someone who understands the importance of FUN and PARADES and BUGS, would you be interested in supporting this new adventure by Adopting the Caterpillar?

Any amount helps and we will select one lucky donor to join us IN the parade, if you'd like (we'll make you some wings!), or to join us in a special VIP viewing area for the whole parade. Donations can be made here and the deadline for parade is Friday October 20 at 5pm.

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