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Babs BDay Auction is Live!

Over 100 Activities, Services, Art + Objects are now online CCRx's FUN-draising Auction!

Bidding is open through 5pm on May 17, 2020.

Auctions highlights include:

  • Virtual Zoom Tour of the Worlds Columbian Exposition for 10

  • WGN Radio Interview with Rick Kogan

  • Private Bookbinding Workshop with Regin Igloria

  • Chris Ware "Building Stories" print

  • Landscape Design Consultation with Chris Gent

  • Cards Against Humanity

  • and "TIM Talks" Chicago's Cultural Historian Tim Samuelson will give personal Zoom "TIM Talks" for you and up to 10 others on Marketing Love to the Masses, The Chicago Mayonnaise School, Mecca Flat Blues and the Birth of the Infomercial.


Private Facetime Concerts with Steve Dawson + Diane Christiansen

Zoom Concert with Sima Cunningham of OHMME.  

Curated Films Streamed to you from Siskel Film Center.  

HoneyBees and 3 hours instruction from West Side Bee Boyz.


Private tour of the Art Institute.


Original Art by William Estrada, Aaron Hughes, Peter Exley, Kathryn Fimreite, Louise LeBourgeois, Jason Pickleman, Rebecca Shore, Jackie Kazarian, David Travis, Jason Pickleman, Lynn Basa, William Zbaren, Patrick McGee, Fred Holland, Adelheid Mers, and many others...

Books including Carlos Rolon Outside In, Lacy Coligan's Pizza. Patience. And all things LOVE, Vivian Meier Out of the Shadow by Rich Cahan and Michael Williams,

And a Raymond Carver Bedtime Story reading.

Handpainted Peter Exley Skateboard Deck, Velvet Lounge + Uptown posters, Grandma Gussie's Secret Recipe for Mandel Bread.  Duey Fimreite offers Wagyu Beef Tallow -- excellent for French Fries!    Fred Holland's collages are life in art and comic.   Plus Boxed Water is Better Eco Set and Jean de St. Aubin will bring a Dinner for 4 to your door!

SELF-IMPROVEMENTS... The Society of Smallness Document Bureau will craft a personal Affirmation Affidavit, Chris Gent Landscapes offers a landscape consultation, Esther Grimm form 3Arts offers Leadership Coaching Sessions, Beth Eckerty will consult on Composting, Chicago School of Shoemaking kits for Wallets, Belts and Pouches, Elizabeth Burke-Dain's Career Tarot Reading...

And much much more...

Something for everyone... Even a magic wand!

from Chicago Shakespeare Theater : )

Bidding is open through 5pm on May 17, 2020.

All proceeds benefit Creative Chicago Reuse Exchange (CCRx).


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