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Catch up with the Creativity Bus

The Creativity Bus had a great summer and is gearing up for fall! Check out highlights below and let us know if you want the bus to stop at your school or event...

We visited Teamwork Englewood's Fun at Moran Park, Project HOOD Refuge Summer Camp, National Night Out with the 7th District Police, Playstreets Block Club Party with Greater Auburn Gresham DC, Words of Wonder Literary Festival and Back to School events with Englewood CAC and Richards Career Academy. Most of these visits were funded by the Chicago Fund for Safe and Peaceful Communities.

What happens when the Creativity Bus stops? We make Peace Bracelets, Spirit Animal Masks, Sun Catchers and more. We do community drumming and double dutch with E'a / THUG Hippie and her turners. We pull out boxes of books for people to take. We have a lot of fun, young and old alike!

The Creativity Bus is a collaboration between CCRx and T.H.U.G. (The Healing U Give) Hippie. We'd love to come to your next gathering. Fill in the form and we'll be in touch!

Thanks to our Creativity Bus crew: E'a Williams, Meosha Thomas, Feather, Breanna Moldoch, Camilla LInares and Mari DeOleo.


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