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CCRx + CPD create Art Kits for 3,000+ Day Campers

This summer, CCRx was very excited to help provide 3,000 Creative Reuse Art Kits for Chicago Park District Day Campers.

Over several weeks, CCRx volunteers worked Park District staff to design and assemble 7 different kits for individual DIY activities. We wanted to appeal to a range of ages and interests, using materials donated to our warehouse and encouraging the use of found materials too.

Once we came up with the idea, we tested various ingredients, assembled and prepared them and then created instructions to go with each kit.

Imagination Journals designed by Kathryn Trumbull Fimreite were the first project -- using donated file folders, stationary and other types of paper and cardboard. Zero-Waste Weaving kits designed by Macus Alonso included a loom made from surplus campaign signs and a wide range of yarn, ribbon, fabric and "crazy stuff" that could be assembled into a wall-hanging or a small pouch.

Donated vinyl banners from the Special Olympics and Chicago Ideas Week were cut into patterns for Recyclo-Pouches.

Wind Chime Mobiles had the most varied components, using everything from CDs to Binder hardware to jewelry pendants that were part of a donation from an Oak Street design studio.

Shape Robots started with pipe cleaners and its up to the use what parts go where! Both Woven Paper Bowls and Photo Frames were made possible by a generous donation of many, many tightly rolled paper straws from artist Stacia Yeapaniss.

In addition to the DIY art kits, CCRx provided over 800 Roy Lichtenstein Art Kits that had been donated by See the Vision, Grab the Vision / Out of Sight last fall.

Now that we have these great Creative Reuse Art Kits under our belt, we'll be scheduling more dates for assembling them. If you are interested in helping out, or interested in getting some kits for your class or camp, let us know!

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