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CCRx Creative Kits at Chicago Public Library

We are excited to partner with Chicago Public Library and the Museum of Contemporary Art to provide 5,000+ creative art "Grab + Go" kits for all the branch libraries this summer. The kits correspond to Carolina Caycedo's exhibition, From The Bottom of the River, at the MCA through September 12. The design of the activities and prompts was led by TCA Apprentice, Hisham Kysia, with one design for families and another for young adults.

The artist invites us to imagine the world from a river’s point of view, in drawing, found-object assemblage/sculpture, and as an accordion book. You can see below an example of the artworks, the plans, and some of the volunteers who helped assemble the kits.

The exhibition presents the powerful Cosmotarrayas, a series of sculptures made with fishing nets produced as a result of his fieldwork in areas of Colombia, Brazil and other countries, where the privatization of waterways has irrevocably altered the ability to live and work of local communities. The Youth and Family Kits will invite young artists to create empathetic portraits of themselves as rivers or bodies of water with a variety of reuse materials, including netting, clothes hangers, paper, yarn, artificial flowers, writing/drawing materials and fabric swatches.

In addition, CCRx Imagination Journal Kits will be distributed at all 81 branch libraries this summer. Made under the direction of artist Macus Alonso from deconstructed binders, notebooks, magazines and other donations, the Imagination Journal Kits contain paper, binding supplies, writing utensils and a variety of decorative material to customize. They encourage people to recognize that used materials can be reimagined and repurposed in beautiful ways, and provide a special place for one's own writing, drawings, poetry and other musings.

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