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CCRx Wins Rheaply's Earth Day Challenge

CCRx is thrilled to be the winner of Rheaply's first Earth Day Challenge!

The challenge was open to anyone interested in sustainability and the circular economy.

Rheaply asked entrants to submit creative solutions to reducing material waste in our communities.

"It was not an easy decision as there were some passionate and well thought out ideas for circularity and material waste reduction," said Tom Fecarotta, VP at Rheaply. "We appreciated the creativity and thought that went into each submission. However, what CCRx has done in Chicago is admirable and was in direct correlation with our theme for this year's giveaway."

We will use the $1000 award to help fund programming and events that educate and empower the public, especially children, to reduce waste, rethink surplus, and share.

CCRx is a big fan of Rheaply, so the admiration goes both ways. Launched in 2016, Chicago-based Rheaply is an online "Asset Exchange Manager" that enables professionals to share resources with anyone in their industry. Their initial focus on research institutions and Fortune 500 companies has grown to include startups, school systems, nonprofits, and organizations in between. Rheaply is creating a shared economy for innovation across the nation and the planet.

Among CCRx's long term goals is to work with Rheaply and help develop a circular economy within Chicago's education and non-profit industries. If you are interested in helping us develop that plan, let us know.

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