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Eternal Inventory...

The donations flow into and out of the CCRx Warehouse like a river... never ending, always flowing... which is exactly what should happen!

There are fabulous one-of-a-kind items -- "Special Finds" like guitars, projectors, fancy art supplies and beautiful fabrics -- that are snapped up as soon as they get on the floor. And then there are the eternal items that flow in on a regular basis and flow out just as well. The CCRx Creative Reuse River!

What are these "eternal items"? A lot of them are in the Raw Materials section -- caps, corks, cardboard tubes, videos + cd's, plastic boxes, deconstructed markers, all sorts of containers, jars, bags + boxes. Wood, metal, foam...

Then there are the Art Supplies.... acrylic paint, rolls of paper, silk flowers, canvas backdrops, lots of interesting paper -- for scrapbooks, for drawing, magazines for collage, and even embroidered paper!

The river also flows in the Classroom + Office Supply Sections.... with rulers, pocket folders, scissors, markers, staplers, tape, pads + notebooks, and organizers that ebb and eddy and flow....

Of course there are even more things that are part of the Creative Reuse River, but this is a good start to remind you of treasures to be had! Just book a Shopping or Volunteer appointment and don't forget to wear your swimsuit and a life preserver! Ahoy!

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