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Father's Day @ Sundays on State

CCRx was pleased to participate in Sundays on State Festival on Father's Day! It was a great way for people to shop, create, and learn about our organization. Surrounded by wonderful local businesses and organizations like Envision Unlimited and Soup and Thread, we had an amazing action-packed day in the Chicago heat!

Children of all ages (and some adults!) made their own Recyclo-Pouches from street pole banners and Imagination Journals from deconstructed binders and books. We must have helped make more than 200 pouches! Our hands-on projects are a great tool for kids to learn about the importance of reuse. These quick and easy projects can be made on-site or bought as kits to take home or as a gift.

If you missed out on this event, come to the next Sundays on State on July 14th, 2024. It is in the Loop on State Street between Lake and Adams, sponsored by the Chicago Loop Alliance.  We hope you will stop by...  Make a Recyclo-Pouch, Imagination Journal, or pick out one of our creative reuse Recyclo-Totes, Origami Wallets, Spiral bound Imagination Journals, and more. Or just say Hi!

Thanks to the Chicago Loop Alliance for inviting us to participate. See you next month!!

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