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FUN + FUNds Raised in CCRx's 1st BDay Auction!

CCRx's first online Fun-draiser, Babs BDay Auction, was a great success -- we raised needed funds, inspired creativity, built community and had loads of FUN!

The auction celebrated CCRx Founder Barbara Koenen's 60th birthday. While her initial vision was for a big party at the CCRx warehouse, the coronavirus pandemic shifted the celebration to an online auction that in several respects engaged more people, in more varied ways, than a single event!

"I've been blessed with so many generous and creative friends over the years, the auction became a great way to make connections between them through their own creative ideas", said Koenen. The auction featured activities, experiences and services, along with an assortment of art, handcrafted and unusual objects.

Examples included a 30 minute concert via Facetime from Sima Cunningham and from Steve Dawson + Diane Christiansen; a 30 minute radio interview with Rick Kogan; Dinner for 4 Delivered to your Door and a curated film festival from the Siskel Film Center from Jean de St. Aubin; a 3D Virtual Reality Tour of the Worlds Columbian Exposition; Mandel Bread Baking with Alicia Berg, Landscape Design Consultation from Chris Gent Landscapes, Composting with Beth Eckerty, Boxed Water is Better Starter Kit, Leadership consulting with Esther Grimm and much more.

Over $10,000 was raised through auction and general donations. The funds will help CCRx develop an online marketplace and bring on dedicated staff positions.

Participating donors were:

Macus Alonso Iker Gil Erik Newman

Nancy Bechtol Amber Ginsburg Michelle Nordmeyer

Alicia Berg Esther Grimm Caroline O'Boyle

Alice Berry Deirdre Hamill Squiers Jason Pickleman

Georgia Boothe John Hern Andy Pierce

Elizabeth Burke-Dain Fred Holland Anne Rashford / Museum of Science + Industry

Tom Burtonwood Aaron Hughes Marina Rheault Post

Rich Cahan +

Michael Williams Regin Igloria Carlos Rolon

Lacy Coligan Mark Jeffrey Alison Ruttan

Sima Cunningham Jackie Kazarian Tim Samuelson

JB Daniel Barbara Koenen Lisa Snyder

Lewis Dark Rob Koenen Jean de St. Aubin

Karen Darling Rick Kogan David Travis

Steve Dawson +

Diane Christiansen N. Masani Landfair Kathryn Trumbull Fimreite

Beth Eckerty Louise LeBourgeois Georgina Valverde

Christine Esposito Ruth Lopez Tricia Van Eck

William Estrada Bill MacKay Joanne Vena

Peter Exeley Nathan Mason Pooja Vukosavich

Duey Fimreite Kathleen McCarthy Chris Ware

Marlise Fratinardo Sara McIntosh / Chicago

School of Shoemaking Oli Watt

Dianna Frid Adelheid Mers Cassandra Westover

Martha Frish Susan Messer McBride William Zbaren

Chris Gent Annie Morse Alison Zehr


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