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Jenny Jurcak + CCRx Helps Newly Arrived Migrant Children

Jenny Jurcak, or ‘Lady J’ as she is known to many, exemplifies the CCRx Creative Reuse ethos,

“Trash is just a Failure of Imagination.” A dedicated shopper at CCRx, Jenny has used our

supplies and materials for imaginative and much-needed projects: She built doghouses for

rescued dogs out of surplus headboards and plexiglass. Then she built a shelter for an unhoused

man living on 47th Street using similar materials and then gathered art supplies for him to

decorate and paint his shelter!

Jenny has always been a strong advocate for helping those in need. When she saw the story about

the migrant children being held in police station lobbies, she knew she had to do something to


Jenny came to the CCRx Warehouse to find toys, books and other supplies for the migrant

families currently being held at the Chicago Police Department stations. She picked out all sorts

of books for young and older readers - including many in Spanish - along with crayons and art-

making supplies, toys and games, including frisbees, jump ropes and soccer balls. She brought

them to the families sheltering at the CPD District 7 and District 9 stations and you can see how

even these humble gifts of toys and books are appreciated by families in need.

Thanks to everyone who donated these items to CCRx. We hope that this helps the families and

children as they wait to be settled in their new homes. And we applaud Jenny for her

compassion and her action. Thank you, Jenny, for everything you do!

At CCRx, we are committed to working with organizations and individuals that are making a

positive impact on Chicago and to providing them with the resources they need to continue their

good work. We know that with a little creativity and resourcefulness, we can reduce our reliance

on new materials and divert waste from landfills. Join us as we constantly explore new

ways to reduce our environmental impact and encourage others to do the same. Help us spark

creativity and a sharing, circular economy throughout Chicagoland through programs,

partnerships and collaborations.

Together, we can make a difference!

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