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Meet Jessica & Her Inspiration and Her Contribution to CCRx Earth Day Make & Take 2024

Jessica Woodburn is a featured artist at the 2024 CCRx Earth Day Celebration on Saturday April 20.

What role does Creative Reuse play in your life?

As a trash artist, I am constantly looking for a use for anything I throw away. I have a large collection of “trash” that I use for any task in my daily life, from containers to clothes to my art.

I also recently launched Round Two Up-Cycled Craft Parties, which is all about creative reuse!  I offer public and private parties and workshops using eco-friendly, up-cycled, and second-hand materials.

As a practicing artist, how are you inspired by nature? What's your go-to place in Chicago?

Nature is so inspiring!  I have recently challenged myself to change my thinking about bugs- reframing them from scary & gross to beautiful and fascinating.  I am creating a fashion piece for the upcoming Trashion Revolution which is inspired by the dual cicada emergence happening this year.

I do not get into nature nearly as much as I would like, but I love the Chicaho Botanic Garden. It is huge and has such great programs and events. I love to share it with my 3-year-old son.

What's your favorite quote about Earth Day?

The simple phrase “No planet B” is so powerful to me.  This is it.  We are very nearly out if time to address the climate disaster capitalism has created.  We need to change legislation and hold corporations accountable while still doing what we can to be accountable in our own sphere.

What inspired your Make and Take idea?

Shrinky dinks are so fun and versatile!  I have been collecting #6 plastic, which is not recyclable because it is basically styrofoam, from my people in my community for years.  I love this project because it creates something fun, lasting and useful from a discarded food container which us used for a few minutes and then thrown into a landfill to remain until after we are all gone.  Having a cute keychain is a great daily reminder of the importance of inciting change to save our planet!

Remember, Creative Chicago Reuse Exchange is hosting an Earth Day Celebration on April 22. Check out the link, RSVP, and join in on the fun!

Interested in learning more about Jessica Woodburn? Here are her details:


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