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Meet Sid & His Musical Contribution to CCRx's Earth Day Celebration

We had an absolute blast at CCRx's Earth Day celebration! From crafting to creative reuse and even dancing, it was such a fantastic time. One highlight was definitely the music of Sid Yiddish and His Candy Store Henchmen band. Their tunes really got everyone grooving!

Inspired by this experience, we decided to interview Sid Yiddish and uncover his creative reuse ideas.

Here are Sid's answers.

What role does creative reuse play in your life?

My personal life is an environmental jigsaw puzzle. I make environmental breakthroughs in my performance life. Environmental means peace and pieces in collective consciousness collaborations. It gives me freedom inspired within those gathered moments and movements.

How does your band help create community?

We gauge the audience in the art of listening. Listening doesn’t necessarily mean just listening to our music so much, but what it does provide, however, is the opportunity for the audience to expand their knowledge and understanding of the eargasmic experience. Our music isn’t for everyone. It isn’t for the stubborn of ears. Our music is for those willing to explore beyond their own comfort zone. To quote the brilliance of Edgar Varese, “To stubbornly conditioned ears, anything new in music has always been called noise. But after all what is music but organized noises?" As it turns out in my experiences, appreciation comes from ears that are pure and innocent.

What's your motto?

Our motto is “conducting organized chaos.”  Entertaining the concept of conducting organized chaos is entrusting the moment of creation.

Can you share your favorite Earth Day quote?

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, just like our music.

What environmental issue are you most passionate about?

I think breathing is good and fresh drinking water. Our music is for the open palette.

If you enjoyed Sid's answers as much as we did and want to catch him and his band in action, here are the links.

Like this blog post? Stay tuned; we'll soon be featuring more Creative Reuse Superstars from our community.


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