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New Volunteer Opportunities at CCRx

We've been busy at CCRx -- developing our warehouse space, launching creative reuse products + kits and our online market, and delving into a bunch of other components that a start-up nonprofit needs. If you haven't been to the warehouse lately, you have a treat in store next time you visit!

At last we are poised to start some new Volunteer Opportunities to engage those folks who expressed specific interests by signing up on our General Volunteering Interest form.

In addition to the always popular "Sorting and Arranging at the Warehouse" (which can be done on Wednesdays through Saturdays by booking a Volunteer appointment here), our opportunities will include help with Fabrication, Communications and Donations:


Here are 3 different ways to start to participate in a conversation and effort to recycle / reuse and to spark creativity. There are lots of ways to help above and beyond what's below and we'll come out with new and exciting activities, but this is great way to get a taste of what's happening at CCRx and to start to get involved and to tap into your knowledge as a maker, a teacher in search of creative solutions, a parent, a student, a member of the community.

1. Sparking Ideas for Reuse Purposes (virtual)

We'll provide a list of 10 most abundant supplies and the group will brainstorm together on different reuse purposes for these various supplies and what types of kits we might be able to make. All the ideas will be documented by a facilitator and we'll then look to see how we make these ideas come to life!

The kits could be something teachers / camp counselors could use in their regular instruction OR something that could be made by makers like this group to then be used for fundraising OR something completely crazy that could be great for social media to help market CCRx.

A few starter ideas would be: Bead animals with pipe cleaners, Rainy day supplies kits (extra pens / pencils / markers for teachers to support students who lose them, etc), Holiday card kits for a class...

Tuesday, 3/16 --- 7-8PM CT

Saturday, 3/20 --- 10-11AM CT

Interested? Sign up here

And, if you are interested in prepping kits at the warehouse for existing projects (Cloth Face Masks, Zip Pouches, Recyclo-Ponies and Owls (small soft sculptures of ponies and owls), Rainbow Crayons, Make Masks Fun Again, Summer Camp kits sponsored by the MCA, Hospital Comfort Kits and more), you can sign up here.


We want to spread the word about creativity and reuse in Chicago, and here are some ways to help out.

1. Facebook "Haves + Needs" Group Facilitator -

Help moderate our FB group, engage with other groups that have supplies available, grow participation. Probably requires 10 min to 1 hour/ day of engagement.

2. Social Media Coordinator -- Be a point person between CCRx staff and volunteers on messages, events, inventory + other opportunities to be shared. We currently have accounts on FB, Twitter, Instagram, Linked-in and Youtube. No Tiktok yet : )

3. Social Media Volunteer -- Help us spread the word about creative reuse in Chicago and related topics. Do you have a specific platform -- Instagram, Linked In, Facebook, etc. -- or community you engage with -- all the better!

4. Communications Coordinator -- Work with the Executive Director on planning our strategy for engaging our current constituents and growing participation amongst various sectors (like we are doing now ; ). We have a lot of well-developed components, and now need to create the teams and process to run with them. Zoom 1-2 times/week for a month or so and do some organizing on the side to get us up and running.

5. Blog Post Writers -- Write short posts about our inventory, volunteers, donors, teachers, products + kits, best practices in Chicago and elsewhere. Our blog connects to social media and our bi-monthly enewsletter, so great content is really important!

6. Teacher Outreach / Donor Solicitation -- Our most important constituents (besides our volunteers : ) are Teachers and Material Donors. We want to build a cohort of educators who are passionate about reuse and creativity -- in and out of the classroom. And we want to cultivate and acknowledge the businesses and individuals who provide the material we work with -- and keep out of the landfill! Let us know your networks and ideas and we will also have specific items / opportunities to pass along too.

Sign up for a Zoom Info Session to learn more:

Friday, 3/5 --- 10 - 11AM CT

Saturday, 3/6 --- 4-5PM CT

Interested? Sign up here


Do you have a neighborhood, network, school or workplace with too much stuff? Are you itching to find a home for things that are "clean, safe and working" but "too good to toss?"

Volunteer to hold a Green Out! Supply Donation Drive.

Sign up and we'll contact you about a Green Out! Info Zoom later this spring.

Together, we hope to embark on some interesting and worthwhile activities that will grow and strengthen CCRx and -- with your help -- keep good stuff out of the landfill and into the hands of Chicago teachers and nonprofits. And keep Chicago creative!


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