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PPE that's SAFE and FUN for Your Classroom

As teachers and students return to the classroom, it is important for everyone's health that PPE is effective and classrooms are safe so learning can be fun. CCRx has several products for Chicago teachers to use during COVID times -- Laser-cut Face Shields, Custom-Printed Face Masks, and a Social Distancing Wand. The full ensemble!

Laser-cut Face Shields come in two styles -- one style, the Solin Shields, was designed by a CPS teacher and mass produced by the Illinois PPE Network. The other style was manufactured out of state and donated to the Chicago Knights Robotics Team to help with their PPE fabrication and distribution to essential workers. Chicago teachers can have 4 face shields for free from the warehouse.

Customized Disposable Face Masks add levity to serious times. For Your Party, a professional printing company just outside of Chicago that specializes in special event decor (think weddings, bat mitzvahs, anniversaries, business needs, birthdays, and more), created the masks in a variety of colors and hundreds of different designs (see here). They are made from quality material, comfortable + breathable, one size fits most, with an adjustable nose bridge, seamless crimping, a 3D design and 3 layers of anti-anti-droplet protection. When COVID-19 threw a wrench into the event industry, they sought out wonderful non-profit causes to donate their samples and overruns to... and we were thrilled to accept their "beautiful life-savers" for Chicago teachers to use in their classrooms! Chicago Teachers can pick up a pack of 10 for free from the warehouse.

No COVID-era Classroom would be complete without a Social Distancing Wand. This 5' long cardboard tube, decorated by the artists of Envision Unlimited, is the perfect size for demonstrating how far apart we all need to be these days. And perhaps it will grant some wishes too! You can purchase a wand for $15, or select your own tube and decorations to make it yourself! Starting this month, sign up for a Wand-Making Workshop with Mrs. gG at the warehouse.

For the true DIY experience, pick up all the materials you need to sew your own cloth face masks. We recommend the pattern by Dr. Lauren Streicher. Create a different look for every day of the week. It is easy and rewarding even for beginners.

Don't forget, you can share these DIY maker projects with your students. Let us know if you want a quantity of material for Social Distancing Wands or Cloth Face Masks!

Be Safe, Be Well, Stay Creative!

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