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Show+Tell: Robots STEAM your Classroom

Our first Summer Show+Tell Workshop will feature Sylvia Marrero's fabulous creative reuse Robots, which are made with a wide range of materials and incorporate S.T.E.A.M (science, technology, engineering, art and math) learning and a language component for students from grades K-4.

What kind of robot do you need? What should your robot do? Sylvia will show how to get your students to imagine what needs to happen and how to use a kit of parts to make it so, from Googly-eyes to bottlecaps, video boxes and popsicle sticks.

This is a fun an exciting way to get kids thinking about careers in science and engineering at an early age. Sylvia has been teaching at Chicago Public Schools for over 20 years and brings great energy and artistry to all her projects.

Each Wednesday in July + August, from 3-5pm, CCRx will feature a different theme, teacher + activity for Teacher2Teacher Summer Show + Tell, followed by time to shop the warehouse.

Sign up for Sylvia's Wednesday July 20 workshop here. See the other Show + Tell Workshops here.

Here are examples of Sylvia's work:


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