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Shrinky-Dinks! More than what you remember!

We all get tons of #6 plastic containers and though we try to reuse them, they still pile up. But throwing them out is not cool --- bad for the environment because they take forever to decompose, create microplastics, harm birds, fish, groundwater and more.

Jessica Woodburn from RoundTwo Crafts has one remedy - and it is a fun one: make Shrinky-Dinks!

Some of us remember the Shrinky Dink activity from when we were young and it came in an elaborate toy kit. But it is both much simpler and way more creative when you do your own Shrinky dinks!

You can make charms, luggage tags, earrings, gift labels, dog-tags, wind chimes and much much more! You can shrink, reuse and reimagine #6 plastic into a multitude of things that will keep it vital.

Join us on Saturday June 29th to learn Jessica's tricks and techniques so you too can keep good things OUT of the landfill and give them a new meaning and usefulness. Fun for all ages!

Sign up here: Shrinky Dinks:

Join the party and learn to make Shrinky Dinks in 3 ways using recycled plastic!

In this two hour workshop you will learn the basics to create shrinky dinks using alcohol ink, Sharpie and colored pencil. You will have the option to create a keychain, pair of earrings, necklace charm, pin, magnet or zipper pull.

No drawing talent required! Your instructor will guide you through every step and share her hard-earned tips and tricks for getting the best results.  Use some of the basic shapes and templates provided to trace or you can draw whatever you like. The only limit is your imagination! The best part is that you get to watch your creation shrink right in front of your eyes.

. All of the tools and findings will be provided.

Recommended for ages 8 & up.

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