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Turning Trash into Toys for Learning

Sometimes the best lessons are the simplest ones. Arvind Gupta shows this in his TED Talk, exploring mechanics and motion with simple sticks and rubberbands.

Inspired? Here is a list of some of the best science experiments Instagram pages for kids, that provide STEAM/STEAM inspiration for parents and teachers. In no particular order. And CCRx has lots of the materials that can be used for hands-on learning and discovery. Check it out and let us know what you create! Do you have any favorite sites for STEAM/STEM activities?


Steve Spangler Science:

MEL Science:

Home Science Tools:

Science Bob:

Mrs. Nancy Bullard:

⚗ STEM/STEAM Ed 🎨 Arts & Crafts


The dad Lab:

Science Sparks:

Educational Innovations:

Go Science Kids:

Left Brain Craft Brain:

Little Science Lab | Kristina Castle:



Hello Wonderful:

The Best Ideas for Kids:

Science Teacher

Science Lessons That Trock:

Morpho Science:

Science Facts

Science Insider:

Be Scienced:

Science Photo Library:



The Microscopist:

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