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Creative Days + Repair Days at CCRx

CCRx is excited to launch two free community events -- Creative Days and Repair Days -- that further our mission of sparking creativity and promoting reuse. We want to keep things out of the landfill and foster self-sufficiency, while having FUN!

Creative Days offer the opportunity for our neighbors and other members of the community to try a creative reuse project and to shop the warehouse. These free and family-friendly workshop activities include making Imagination Journals, Rain Sticks, Peace Bracelets, Foto Frames, and more. Make one for yourself and another to share!

Creative Days are Thursday July 18 from 5-8pm and these Saturdays -- July 31, August 14, Sept 11 and October 2 -- from 11 - 2pm. They are free -- you can register here.

Repair Days are opportunities to get something fixed -- a toaster, a toy, a lamp or a ripped pair of pants! Don't toss it -- Fix it!

CCRx is working with "fixers" from the Community Glue Workshop in Edgewater and the Chicago Tool Library in Back of the Yards. These folks love to figure out how to fix and repair everything except computers and printers. And, if you like to fix things, we'd love for you to join us!

All you do is bring us your broken item and give us your cell phone number. We'll get the fixers on the case and text you when your item is fixed!

Make sure your item can be wiped down with sanitizer cloth and that clothing has been washed.

Repair Days are Saturday July 24 and September 18 from 11 - 2pm at the CCRx Warehouse, 2124 W. 82nd Place. Enter through the parking lot.

Register for Creative Days and Repair Days here. Both are Free of Charge! All events are free of charge and held at the CCRx Warehouse, 2124 W. 82nd Place. (Enter through the Parking Lot.)

These events are funded by the Chicago Fund for Safe and Peaceful Communities.

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