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Fab Feb = Fabric Galore in February!

CCRx has all sorts of fabulous fabrics and notions and we wanted to share them with you in February.

Book a shopping appointment to browse the warehouse's wide selection of:

Bundles, Bolts and Bins of Fabric, Fleece, Flannel + Floss, Quilting Cotton, Costumes, Backdrops, Mannequins, Millinery Netting, Notions, Needlepoint, Sewing Machines, Patterns, Looms, Vinyl Banners, Upholstery Swatches and supplies to Dye for! See samples below...

Mannequins, Sewing Machines, Looms

Millinery Netting, Ribbon, Cord, Patterns + Notions

Vinyl Banners, Rolls, Samples

Upholstery Samples + Swatches

Costumes, Backdrops + Banners

Yarn and supplies to DYE for!


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