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Good cheer + sales at Millennium Park Art Market

CCRx and Envision Unlimited participated in the Millennium Park Art Market over the Thanksgiving weekend and enjoyed good cheer and some good sales too! We love promoting reuse and sparking creativity through reimagined + upcycled products!

CCRx featured our Imagination Journals, made from deconstructed binders, notebooks and magazines and bound with plastic comb in two sizes, and Recyclo-Pouches, made from vinyl and fabric to hold all the little things we seem to need -- earphones, cellphones, pens, keys, etc. And for the Do-It-Yourselfers, we had Kits -- to make your own Imagination Journal or a Vinyl Pencil Pouch made from light pole banners.

Envision Unlimited artists made Shag Rugs, Pouf Pillows and Recyclo-Ponies out of materials provided by CCRx. These massive labors of love captivated lots of shoppers and many found new homes.

Thanks to all our volunteers at the Market -- Ali, Annie, Steve, Vicki, Rocio and Jerome -- and all the volunteers who helped make everything -- including the American Red Cross at University of Chicago, Honeycomb Projects, Volunteering Untapped. Thanks to the donors of the materials we used -- too many to list, but including Urban Source, The Art Institute of Chicago, Friedman Place and Learning from Scratch in Grand Rapids. And of course, thanks to Envision and to our Team Members who make it all happen -- Kathryn Trumbull Fimreite, Macus Alonso, Justin Goh, Arianna Banerjee, Coco Spencer and Craig Schmidt!

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