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Introducing: Rx Products + DIY Kits

So many fantastic materials come to CCRx that we couldn't resist making fabulous things and creating some fun kits so you can make things yourself!

Introducing CCRx's new line of Rx Products: Recyclo-Pouches and Imagination Journals, and DIY Kits: Imagination journals and more coming soon...

Recyclo-Pouches are zippered pouches made by CCRx artisans from high-end upholstery samples. They are perfect to store life's little essentials -- your phone, ear buds, charging cords, coins, even your face mask!

Each Recyclo-Pouch is unique and hand-made -- colors and patterns vary based on available surplus.

Recyclo-pouches come in 3 sizes:

Small (4 x 6") $10, Medium (4 x 9") $15 and Large (9 x 9") $20.

Warehouse pick-up for free or add $3 for shipping / handling.

Creative reuse from upholstery fabric - who would have thought!!

Imagination Journals are made from our wide variety of donated paper to create a journal that inspires personal expression - writing, drawing, lyrics, poems - whatever you can imagine!

Imagination Journals contains 50 blank pages, inspirational section dividers and pockets, and are spiral bound with a specialty paper cover and a cardboard backing. Each is unique and hand assembled with care. They come in two sizes:

Large (11 x 8.5") $25

Medium (8.5 x 5.5") $15

Make your own Imagination Journal with supplies provided by CCRx and add your own personalization too!

This Creative Reuse Kit contains a variety of pre-cut and hole-punched paper and coverstock, binding cord and stick and some surprise decorations, along with instructions. Use your imagination to customize your own personal journal for writing, drawing, mementos or make it a gift for a friend!

Dimensions approximately 6 x 9 inches. Special instructional video featuring artist Kathryn Trumbull Fimreite.

Handmade by CCRx Artisans. All proceeds benefit the Creative Chicago Reuse Exchange.


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