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Meet our Summer Interns!

CCRx is thrilled to have 4 great interns this summer -- two from Project Vision and 2 who started as community service volunteers and wanted to stay. We've had a lot of fun these past few weeks, and Charlie Taing wrote it up for the blog.

Spending our summer to work at CCRX has been a unique and special experience. Our internship has enabled us to learn many new skills and develop our work ethic. On the first day of work, we sorted the many fun and interesting donations into designated boxes. Some notable objects we’ve found include lego sets, fake blood, and vintage memorabilia many decades older than ourselves. In the case for some of the “special finds” we learned how to research the objects for their price and history which was necessary in uploading the information onto the CCRX wix website. One skill we never thought we would learn was operating a pallet jack but we eventually did when we had to move heavy boxes across the warehouse.

During Creative Days at CCRX, where we make creative reuse projects, such as Imagination Journals, Photo Frames, Origami Boxes, Peace Bracelets, and more, we taught others how to make origami boxes. We first learned how to make them from an origami book to using materials we have around the warehouse to guide others in the folding process of creating a box that can hold stationary or essential items. We not only learned about the art of paper folding but also about zero waste weaving. We were taught how to make a quilt from a homemade loom. By using recycled materials such as a plastic foam board, thread, and different types of yarn and fabric, we were able to make beautiful quilts out of everyday items that are lying around the house. Besides the community workshops, an average day ranges from us also photographing items, testing out inventory products, to also engaging in how donated goods work.

At CCRX we learned so many things that are very helpful. We learned how to take in and sort donations of all kinds and found very interesting things. We sorted out so many different things such as office supplies, art supplies, maps, posters, etc. While learning how to operate the paper cutters, we learned what kinds of paper can be cut easily and which ones can’t. When picking mulberries, we learned how to bake mulberry muffins in an easy way. There’s many things to do when you’re on the job, we even repaired a loom! There are so many different things that we’ve done here at CCRX which makes it an exciting place to be at.

Arianna Banerjee is a student at Acero Garcia High School. She started working at CCRX as a volunteer and then became an intern in order to make a “meaningful contribution towards the community”. Arianna enjoys singing and writes her own songs in her free time. She hopes to one day become an oncologist.

Kelly Chen is a seventeen year old student attending Lane Tech High School. She found out about CCRX through a program called ‘Project:Vision’ and became an intern in order to gain work experience. Outside of work, Kelly participates in Chinese fan dancing at her school. Kelly is very good at organizing and creating spreadsheets. She taught everyone Origami Boxes!

Charlie Taing is a rising college freshman at Trinity College- located in Connecticut. He recently graduated from Westinghouse College Prep. Charlie became an intern at CCRX because he wanted to gain work experience and learn some new skills. In his free time, he likes to draw and occasionally swim. Charlie is a wonderful artist and a thoughtful sorter and organizer.

Jalen Daniels graduated from CICS Ralph Ellison High School. He joined CCRX because he wanted to spend time working hard and doing something productive. Jalen says he enjoys “being alone and listening to music”. He is excellent at deconstructing binders, painting, recycling, and helping donors!

Jorge and Skylar from Custom Ink with the CCRx Summer Interns (l to r), Arianna, Kelly, Jalen and Charlie.

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