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Skip the Straw Day -- Every Day!

We were thrilled when the folks at Daytime Chicago on WGN-TV invited us to share tips for reducing plastic on National Skip the Straw Day!

We discussed several ways to reduce plastic -- like reusing it -- to-go containers, plastic bags, cutlery -- all of it an be washed and used again! And using a pitcher and glasses instead of buying individual water bottles. But if you do get a water bottle, reuse it!! Reusable shopping and produce bags, beverage cups, utensils. Shop at Thrift Stores. Use bar soap and laundry strips instead of in the plastic bottle. Use pencils made from wood, not plastic. The list goes on and on and is really quite simple.

Hosts Tonya Francisco and Amy Rutledge were super enthusiastic about getting their own CCRx ToGo Kit, containing a cloth napkin, chopsticks, spork, knife and plastic bag, all in a Recyclo-Pouch.

Here is a handy list of ways to reduce plastic. Easy and Doable to START today~

And remember -- EVERY DAY is Skip the Straw Day~!

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