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Social Distancing Magic!

We could all use a little magic these days!

Keeping a safe distance from people is important to prevent spreading virus, but it can feel awkward and unnatural. That's why we invented Social Distancing Wands!

Wonder how long 6 feet really is? Social Distancing Wands provide an easy and fun way to find out.

Each cardboard tube is at least 5' long and decorated with fabric, glitter and other fancy stuff. Hold one out to create your own safety circle, to gently demonstrate proper spacing, and maybe grant a couple wishes!

Keep your wand handy -- at home, school or office, building lobby or local store. Use it whenever you run into someone that you don't live with and need to -- playfully -- keep your distance. It is fun, easy and effective. Just like magic!

Each Social Distancing Wand has been lovingly created by the artists of Envision Unlimited, and we have tested them to make sure they work.

Purchase a ready-made Social Distancing Wand or a DIY SD Wand Kit for warehouse pickup here. Get several as gifts, plan a making party with friends for the new year. Proceeds will benefit the Envision artists and CCRx.

Take the guesswork out of Social Distancing. Who knows? Maybe your wand will grant you three wishes too!


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