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Thanks, Community Glue -- It's Fixed!

Huge thanks to the Carla Bruni + the Fixers of Community Glue Workshop for the fantastic job they did at our annual Community Repair Day this past Saturday Sept 29. Over 25 people brought in things that needed fixing and almost everyone left with either a good as new repair or instructions on what was needed.

There were antique lamps, watches, ripped apparel, sewing machines, chairs, dresser drawers, clocks, flatfiles, and many other items that intrigued the repair experts. And lots of our neighbors in Auburn Gresham were among them!

Repair, Reuse, Recycle, Reimagine.... All are essential to reducing our impact on the landscape, alleviating climate change. And they are fun and creative too~!

Get a glimpse of the event and learn about Community Glue from their founder, Carla Bruni:

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