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Skillshare's online educational platform gives everyone some creative clout

If you haven't watched one of Skillshare's addictive how-to videos yet, you certainly will soon. Their educational clips range from "get better at storytelling" to "wire calligraphy" and everything in between. With a Facebook page full of free tips and guides, Skillshare is arming the masses with the ability to make and create on their own time and in their own way. Interested in taking it to the next level? Check out Skillshare's online subscription classes for more advanced skills. And if you have skills to share (we know you do...) you can sign up to be a Skillshare teacher as well.

While online craft and how-to videos are nothing new, Skillshare's online is bringing a level of empowerment to their platform by galvanizing people's creative expertise and giving them a place to showcase it to the world. Plus, they have some stellar creative reuse ideas!

Skillshare logo

Photo via Skillshare Facebook page.

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