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Music, Music, Music!

Lots of musical instruments in stock this month.

Check them out in our online store and/or make an appointment to Shop at the Warehouse!

New Musical Instruments in stock. Many from the Empire television show.

Electric Guitar, Squier Fender Stratocaster, 2014, S/N 072922, some chips $75

Didgeridoo Straight wooden $15

Snare Drum SPL Evans Snare Drum Head w/ marching band drum holder $75

Bass Drum SPL Evans Bass Drum Head w/ Marching band drum holder $75

Trumpet Olds Ambassador w/ case and mouthpiece and case. No mutes $75

Zither Apollo Concert, well loved. Comes with case and a few extra strings $50

Upright Double Bass Glaesel Acoustic with case and bow $1,200

Electric Drums Partial Pintech electric drum set w/ stand & replacement triggers $35

Horn Kit Plastic whistles and horns to exercise mouth and lip muscles $5

Panflute Colorfully decorated Costa Rican Panflute $5

Percussion Kit Beginners Percussion Kit $5

Woodwinds/Horn Kit Beginners Woodwinds/Horn Kit $5

Also available:

Music Stand Black Hamilton Foldable Sheet Music Stand w. carrying bags $10

Music Stand Silver Foldable Sheet music Stand w/ detachable head $10

Cow Bell Red and White University of Wisconsin Badgers Cow Bells $5 each

Percussion Table Latin percussion table w/ two detachable wings & carrying case $100

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